The future of Mansfield football

"The future looks bright"

2020 Freshman Football Team

Team photo

Corrrection: This site was listed as 2021. It was the 2020 season.
I have updated the site to 2020.
The season was played in early 2021 because of the Corona-19 virus pendemic.
The plan is to play the 2021 season at the regular dates starting in September 2021.

Coaching Staff
Head Freshman: Mike Pailler
Asst. Freshman: Edwino Rodrigues
Asst. Freshman: Rodney Chance


From Coach Rodrigues
Recap of my fall 2 season:
1) our players had an infectious positivity
2) I had the best time coaching in 17 years
3) Our group was stacked with amazing, coachable, skilled, competitive and focused players
"This team has a bright future in our program and can only get better."


2020 Mansfield Freshman Roster

1McGrath, Derek5'10"145PK
2Burnham, Andrew5'10"135WR/DB
3Scott, Aldric5'8"115WR/DB
4Sansone, Dylan5'9"130RB/DB
7Butler, Brian5'10"160RB/LB
10Bodieri, Nolan5'10"145RB/LB
14Morgan, Matthew5'6"125WR/DB
15Curtis, Connor6'1"165QB/S
17Jackman, Brandon6'0"135WR/DB
22Pereira, Logan5'6"140RB/LB
23Saraiva, Anthony5'8"125RB/OLB
24Hendrickson, Andrew5'10"150WR/DB
28Thevenot, Evan5'4"120RB/DB
32Smith, Tommy5'10"160FB/LB
40/43Bolduc, Wyatt5'9155RB/LB
46Schwartz, Trevor5'5"110WR/DB
50Tryon, Matt5'10"195OG/DL
53Gill, Colin5'9"150C/DE
54DeGirolamo, James5'4"150OC/NG
55Chartier, Jack5'8"170OG/DE
56Zive, Solomon5'11"220OL/DL
57DeCoste, Ben5'3"160OG/NG
58McGill, Jack5'6"165OL/DL
59Nadworny, Andrew5'9"165OG/DL
60Hebert, Christian6'1"200OL/DL
64Ayoub, Michael5'10'170 OL/DL
65McIntyre, Joey5'10"155TE/DE
66Cardosa, Nick6'1"205OL/DL
70Fahy, Ben6'3"220OL/DL
73Weinstein, Jonathan5'9"185OL/DL
74Smart, William5'8"200OL/NG
75Gleavy, Aidan5'8"170OL/DE
77Hamsagadda, Karthik5'4"140OG/NG
79Clark, Kyle6'3"205OT/DT
83Sullivan, Drew5'8"135WR/DB
85Philip, Jordan5'10"165TE/DE
88Riley, Jason6'2"175TE/DE


2020 Mansfield Freshman Schedule

Sat 3/13/21 1:00 PM @ Franklin
Sat 3/20/21 10:00 AM Oliver Ames
Sat 3/27/21 10:00 AM Taunton
Sat 4/10/21 10:00 AM Franklin


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