Mansfield High School Hall of Fame

The Mansfield High School Hall of Fame Committee is proud to announce that the 2018 inductees have been selected and were honored on Friday, November 23, 2018 at the 7th annual Hall of Fame banquet held at the Mansfield Holiday Inn.

Football/Basketball/Field Hockey/Soccer 2018

Photos from 2018 awards ceremony
Photos from all Induction Ceremonies

Photos from the 2018 ceremony

Coaches and Hall of Fame organizers.
Tom Faria
MC Tom Faria
Alex Salachi
Legend of Women's Sports, Introduction by Alex Salachi
Steve Sheridan
Boys' Soccer Coach, Steve Sheridan
Kevin Smith
Girls' Soccer Coach, Kevin Smith
Michael Vaughn
Boys' Basketball Coach, Michael Vaughan
Michael Redding
Girls' Basketball Coach, Michael Redding
Theresa Nyhan
Field Hockey Coach, Theresa Nyhan
Michael Redding
Football Coach, Michael Redding

The “Legend of Women’s Sports Hall of Fame”
will induct Rose (Eusepi) Austin (1971)
Boys Soccer
K. C. Smith ('05)
Thomas Hernon ('05)
Girls Soccer
Brooke Mackenzie ('07)
Boys Basketball
Wilbur Johnson ('22)
Coach William Sullivan
Girls Basketball
B.J. Sparrow ('89)
Girls Field Hockey
Theresa DeGirolamo ('83)
Annette Nightingale ('83)
Jill Blacker ('03)
Doug Maxwell,Sr.('60)
Chuck Coffey ('86)
Derek McCune ('04)
Mike Abany ('08)

Photos of the award inductees

with their presenters
K. C. Smith with Karen Smith
Boys' Soccer
K. C. Smith (2003) with Karen Smith
Thomas Hernon
Boys' Soccer
Thomas Hernon (2005) with Tim Hernon
Brooke Hernon
Girls' Soccer
Brooke Hernon(MacKenzie) (2007) with Thomas Hernon
BJ Sparrow
Girls' Basketball
BJ Sparrow (1989) with Terri Hebert
Posthumous award
Boys Basketball
Wilbur Johnson (1922)
Posthumous award
Boys Basketball
William Sullivan (Coach)
Rosemarie Austin
Legend of Woman's Sports
Rosemarie Eusrpi Austin (1971) with Laurie Hill
Annette Marino
Field Hockey
Annette Nightingale Marino (1983) with Cheryl Nightingale Wollard
Theresa Nyhan
Field Hockey
Theresa Nyhan with Deb Shaw
Jill Hunt
Field Hockey
Jill Hunt with Phil Hunt
Doug Maxwell
Doug Maxwell (middle) with family
Chuck Coffey
Chuck Coffey middle with Tony Jodice(L) & Dean O'Connor(R)
Mike Abany
Mike Abany with Sam Abany

The Mansfield High School
Sports Hall of Fame

Complete list of members

Mansfield Hall of Fame Committee

Ed Westhaver
Tom Faria
Russ Rapoza
Dave Todesco
Alex Salachi
Theresa Nyhan
BJ Sparrow
Leda Levine
Laurie Hill
Mike Redding ( advisory role )
Mike Vaughan ( advisory role )